Only half of 2022 has passed, 309 major incidents of ‘firing’ happened in America, record breaking figures are coming in front, know how many lives were lost

Increasing incidents of shootings in America

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US Shooting Incidents: Within just six months of this year, there have been 309 incidents of shooting in America. Recently there has been firing in the Freedom Day parade.

America Freedom Day in Chicago (Freedom Day ShootingOn Monday, there was a shootout in Highland Park. Which is such a recent incident. Six people died in this, while dozens were injured. According to the Gun Violence Archif (GVA), there have been 309 major shootings in the US in just six months in 2022. The latest shooting in the Highland part is the 15th such major incident in which a large number of people were targeted and the 11th such incident which has happened over the weekend during the holiday. GVA figures show that around 10,072 people have died across the country due to weapons.

The cause of death of more than 10 thousand people is intentional attack, accidental incident and not suicide. The GVA describes the incident as a mass shooting, in which more than four people are shot and killed. In the first 185 days of 2022, an average of 11 such incidents happened in a week. Six people have died and 24 have been injured in a shooting at Highland Park on Freedom Day. This is the 309th mass shooting of 2022 and the 15th mass murder.

The Forbes report states that the events in 2022 are competing with the record breaking incidents of last year. It read, “This year’s mass shooting is reaching 692 incidents in 2021, the largest figure since the GVA started tracking gun violence in 2014.” An elementary school attack in Uvalde, Texas, killed 19 children and two teachers, the country’s deadliest shootings this year.

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Let’s take a look at the events happening this year-

  • January 23 – Six people were shot and killed during a welfare check at a home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A 34-year-old man was accused in the case, who had come here for the purpose of stealing.
  • April 3 – In the California capital city of Sacramento, a shooting broke out as a nightclub was empty, in which six people were killed.
  • May 14 – A white teenage gunman kills 10 people in a supermarket in Buffalo, New York.
  • May 24 – A teenage boy shoots at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, killing 19 children and two teachers.
  • June 1 – A man put all the blame for the pain after the operation on a doctor. He entered a hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma and shot four people, including a doctor.
  • June 4 – A gunman shoots his rifle and kills six people in Highland Park, Illinois. While 30 others including children were injured.