PAK Army Chief Bajwa’s informer behind Zawahiri’s death! No game for IMF fund

Ayman al Zawahiri: Pakistan needed funds from the International Monetary Fund ie IMF to deal with its economic crisis, which was refused to give it.

The talk of being an informer of Zawahiri is rising on the army chief of Pakistan.

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America convicted of 9/11 attacks while carrying out one of its secret missions al-Qaeda chief Ayman Al Zawahiri has been put to death. This mission was carried out by the US by drone, when Zawahiri Afghanistan K was hiding in a secret hideout in Kabul. Now there are also indications of Pakistan being behind this attack. This is because Pakistan has to deal with its economic crisis. International Monetary Fund That is, funds were needed from the IMF, which was refused to give it. Pakistan Army Chief regarding this Qamar Javed Bajwa He also spoke to the US Deputy Secretary of State. Meanwhile, Zawahiri was put to death by the US.

It has also come to the fore that the head of Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI had visited America a few days ago. During this also it is possible that there has been some talk about Zawahiri. At the same time, Pakistan’s Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa had talks with US Deputy Foreign Minister Wendy Sharman two days ago.

Spoke to America’s Deputy Secretary of State

During this, Pakistan’s Army Chief General Bajwa told the US Deputy Foreign Minister that the International Monetary Fund has refused to give loans to Pakistan. In such a situation, Bajwa had appealed to Sharman to help in getting this fund of Pakistan. The fund was worth $1.2 billion. This has also been confirmed by the Ministry of External Affairs.

However, the statement of former Prime Minister Imran Khan also came on this conversation between the Deputy Secretary of State of America and the Army Chief of Pakistan. He taunted and said that the work that Bajwa is doing is the work of the Prime Minister. It is his responsibility to arrange funds to improve the economy of Pakistan. Imran Khan had also asked that Army Chief Bajwa should tell that if America gets loan from IMF, then what are we going to give it in return?

Bajwa also discussed with US top commander

Apart from this, some media reports have claimed that on July 30, Pakistan Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa also spoke to US top commander General Michael Eric Kurilla. Before this conversation, Al-Qaeda chief Zawahiri was shifted from Pakistan to Kabul in Afghanistan. While Zawahiri was hiding in Pakistan for many years. In such a situation, it is also being said that Pakistan did not want that the stains on it due to the shelter of Osama bin Laden, they should now also be due to Zawahiri.

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Now soon Pakistan will get loan

Apart from this, after the death of Zawahiri, there are now reports that the IMF can give loans to Pakistan soon. This process from his side can start this week. Pakistan’s newspaper Dawn has confirmed that the seventh and eighth installments of the total loan of $ 6 billion to be given by the IMF to Pakistan can be received this week. In such a situation, it is indicating that whether the entire game of Zawahiri’s death was played due to the IMF fund.

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