PAK vs ENG: PCB boss Ramiz Raja criticizes Rawalpindi Test pitch, says it’s embarrassing | When England scored 657 runs, Rameez Raja was upset, PCB boss started talking bad about Pakistan

In the two days of the first Test match being played between Pakistan and England in Rawalpindi, 838 runs were scored in just 152 overs, while only 10 wickets fell.

Former Pakistan captain Rameez Raja is the chairman of PCB

In the first two days of the Rawalpindi Test, a total of 838 runs have been scored by England and Pakistan and only 10 wickets have fallen. On the very first day, England scored a record 506 runs in just 75 overs. Since then, the Pakistan Cricket Board has come under attack for the ‘dead’ pitch of the Pindi Cricket Stadium. Now PCB chief Rameez Raja himself has shown his helplessness and has admitted that it will take many years to prepare a good Test pitch in Pakistan. Rameez said that this is an embarrassment for Pakistan and especially for him.

On Friday, December 2, while talking to reporters at the stadium on the second day of the Test match, the PCB chief said that Pakistan would have to use drop-in pitches. Drop-in pitches are pitches that are prepared at some other place and then fitted in the ground from there. These pitches can also be removed as per the requirement. It is used in many plains of Australia.

Pindi’s pitch embarrassed Rameez Raja

Rameez Raja, who was facing criticism for the lifeless pitch of Pindi Stadium, wanted to defend himself but in this attempt he blamed his own board and the stadiums under it. Rameez said,

I am not happy with these pitches. We can get results but pitches like this are not good for Test cricket…It is a shame for us, especially when you have a cricketer as chairman.

Rameez said that to challenge teams like England, Pakistan should also prepare drop-in pitches on the lines of Australia. Drop-in pitches can be an option for us as most of the surfaces in Pakistan are almost the same, he said. If you want to trap England, then we have to prepare such a drop-in pitch, which starts spinning from the first ball itself. There is no benefit from such a half cooked pitch, which has neither pace nor spin.

started defending again

He also said that Pakistan is many years away from preparing a pitch good enough for five days of a Test match. Not only this, after criticizing the pitch, Rameez also tried to hide its failure and started praising England’s batting. They said,

The England team was tremendous. Only the time of DRS was such, when Pakistan did not get 30 runs within 5 minutes. This was awesome. It was the best example of how exciting batting can be done on a lifeless pitch.

838 runs in 152 overs

England, playing their first Test match in Pakistan in the last 17 years, scored 657 runs in their first innings at the rate of 6.5 per over. Four out of five of his top-order batsmen, Harry Brooke, Jock Crowley, Ben Duckett and Ollie Pope, scored centuries. In response, Pakistan scored 181 runs without loss till the end of the second day’s play. That is, 838 runs were scored in 152 overs in two days.