Pakistan Cricket Board president receives death threats, Rameez Raja ‘imprisoned’ in bulletproof car

Rameez Raja disclosed this in the Standing Parliamentary Committee on Sports Affairs

Image Credit source: Ramiz Raja Twitter

According to media reports, the life of Pakistan Cricket Board Chief Rameez Raja is in danger. He has also received death threats.

India and Pakistan (India vs Pakistan) Cricket relations between the two have not been good for a long time. Due to security, cricket was not played in Pakistan for a long time. For a long time, the home ground of Pakistan team was also UAE. However, now cricket has returned there and some teams also toured Pakistan. Pakistan Cricket Board It is also trying its best for the return of this game in the country and is also inviting foreign teams to play in their country by promising to provide tight security. Last year New Zealand also toured Pakistan, but due to security alert, the team returned after canceling the Pakistan tour midway.

PCB Speaker itself is not safe

There was also a lot of criticism in the cricket world of PCB. Now PCB chairman Rameez Raja has made a big disclosure regarding the security. He says that he himself is not safe. Rameez revealed that he himself uses a bulletproof vehicle due to security concerns. He has told this to the Standing Parliamentary Committee on Sports Affairs (National Assembly Committee). According to a Pakistani journalist, Rameez Raja said that I have received a serious death threat, after which I made special arrangements for commuting, including a bullet proof car.

Ramiz Raja

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Avoid taking any profit from PCB

Responding to a question about the benefits and perks that he would get as the board chairman, Rameez said he is not a huge financial burden for the PCB as he takes care of his medical expenses on his own, among other things. A source with knowledge of the meeting said that Rameez had told the committee members that he had used the board’s bullet-proof vehicle due to security threats. Apart from this, he has been avoiding taking any benefit from the PCB. He said that none of the committee members asked Rameez about his future as the board’s chairman after the change of government. No one even asked about resigning. In Pakistan, usually after the change of the central government, the chairman of the board also changes.