Pakistan government’s Twitter account banned in India

Micro-blogging site Twitter has banned the official Twitter account of the Government of Pakistan in India. It is written on the official handle of the Government of Pakistan that this account has been banned due to a legal demand. Earlier also this account was banned but later it was activated again.

According to Twitter’s guidelines, such a step is taken due to a valid legal demand such as a court order. Earlier in June, Twitter blocked the Twitter accounts of Pakistani embassies in the United Nations, Turkey and Egypt. ban did. About two months ago, the central government blocked some YouTube channels and a Facebook account running from Pakistan for posting content against the country. The government has so far blocked more than 100 YouTube channels, four Facebook pages, five Twitter accounts and three Instagram accounts for spreading hatred against the country. In the second half of last year, Twitter received 326 legal requests to block content posted on the accounts of journalists and media companies. Of these, 114 were from India. Countries that made such demands included Turkey, Russia and Pakistan.

Recently, Alex Spiro, the lawyer for American electric car maker Tesla Chairman Elon Musk, claimed that Twitter had given 7 million dollars to a whistleblower to cover up the wrongdoings in the company. Twitter has filed a legal case against Musk for failing to complete a nearly $44 billion deal to buy Twitter.

Spiro made this claim in the hearing of this case. The Bloomberg report said that this whistleblower is Peiter Zatko, the former security chief of Twitter. The company is believed to have prevented him from publicly reporting on certain problems. Musk has been granted permission to use the claims made by Zatko in a hearing against Twitter in October. Musk believes that Twitter misreported the number of fake accounts on its platform. Because of this, he has decided not to buy the company.


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