Pakistan out of 2023 World Cup on the strength of ‘new India’ in Asia Cup hockey, big win over Indonesia has a strong impact

India’s big victory over Indonesia has a strong impact on Pakistan

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The 2023 Hockey World Cup is to be held from January 13 to January 29. India is the host country of this mega event.

Win with pride, like Indian hockey on Jakarta’s turf (India Hockey) There has been a hail. Host Indonesia has not been defeated by the youth of India, but trampled upon. Youngistan needed a big win to make it to Super 4. But, he won such a big victory that Indonesia (Indonesia) Not only has it been divided, neighboring Pakistan has also suffered a deep shock. India beat Indonesia 16-0 and with this Pakistan (Pakistan) Not only from the Asia Cup but also from the Hockey World Cup to be held next year.

Pakistan, involved in Pull A of the Asia Cup, had to face a 3-2 defeat at the hands of Japan in the last match. In such a situation, his chances remained, for him, Indonesia had to stop India’s maximum 14 goals. But, the Indian youth, full of enthusiasm, scored 16 goals. As a result, it happened that with the help of new India, Pakistan’s hopes of playing the 2023 World Cup were dashed.

Pakistan out of 2023 Hockey World Cup

India cemented their place in the Super 4 of the Asia Cup with a 16-0 victory over Indonesia. Apart from India from Pull A, Japan’s team has reached Super 4. At the same time, teams from Malaysia and South Korea have stepped into the Super 4 from Pull B.

Since India is the host of the 2023 Hockey World Cup, it has already qualified for the tournament. After reaching the Super 4 stage of the Asia Cup 2022, teams from Japan, Malaysia and South Korea have also qualified for the 2023 Hockey World Cup. But Pakistan could not cut its ticket for Hockey World Cup 2023. This means that the fans will not get to see the clash between India and Pakistan in the Hockey World Cup next year.

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Hockey World Cup in January next year

Hockey World Cup is to be organized in January next year. This mega event will start from 13 January and will run till 29 January 2023. Since India will be the host, then it will have a lot of claim in the title win. And, the way the hockey of Youngistan has been seen in the Asia Cup 2022, it is clear that if they play their best hockey then they can become champions.