Pakistan spoiled by BCCI’s announcement on IPL, PCB will complain to ICC against Indian board

BCCI secretary Jay Shah recently said that the board will get a window of two and a half months for the IPL in the coming years.

Image Credit source: BCCI

Pakistan Cricket Board President Rameez Raja also claimed talks with BCCI President Sourav Ganguly about starting India-Pakistan cricket, but admitted that it does not seem possible at the moment.

Even though the cricket teams of India and Pakistan are not clashing with each other in the field, but there is a dispute between the cricket boards of both the countries. Or say that some decisions of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) have constantly raised eyebrows of the Pakistan Cricket Board. The latest case is related to the Indian Premier League (IPL), for which the Indian board had sold the media rights a few days ago at a cost of more than 48 thousand crores. Along with this, the BCCI had announced to increase the fixed annual period for the IPL from two to two and a half months in the coming years and this is the reason for the latest displeasure of the PCB, against which the President of the Pakistan Board (PCB) Rameez Raja International Cricket Council. I’m talking about raising my voice.

PCB to challenge BCCI

PCB President Rameez Raja said in Lahore on Friday 24 June that the issue would be taken up in the next ICC conference. Raja said in a media conference, “No announcement or decision has been taken yet on extending the IPL window. I will give my opinion on this issue in the ICC conference. My point is clear: if there is any development in world cricket, that means it will affect us too. In such a situation, we will challenge it very strongly and will keep our point firmly in the ICC.

What is BCCI’s plan?

The decision to officially challenge the PCB’s decision comes on the statement of BCCI secretary Jay Shah in an exclusive interview to news agency PTI-language that the Indian board has to be prepared for the next FTP of the ICC from 2024 to 2031. Future Tour Programme) cycle will get an extended window for IPL. Shah had said, “From the next FTP cycle, there will be an official window of two and a half months for the IPL so that all top international cricketers can participate. We have discussed with various boards as well as the ICC.

Discussion with Ganguly on India-Pakistan cricket

At the same time, on the issue of resumption of cricket between the two countries, Raja said that Pakistan is keen to play with India, but political equations between the two neighboring countries are still becoming a hindrance. Raja said, “I have spoken to Sourav (Ganguly) on the sidelines of an event and I told him that currently three former cricketers are leading their cricket boards and if they can’t make a difference then who will?

He said, “Ganguly invited me to participate in the IPL final twice last year and again this year. I think it was good to go there for cricket but in the current circumstances we have to think about the consequences of accepting the invitation.