Pakistan Team Ball Tampering: Pakistani team tried dishonesty, got punishment in live match. Pakistan Shaheen Cricket Team charged with ball tampering penalized 5 penalty runs

Pakistan’s junior team made this mistake against Zimbabwe’s team.Image Credit source: Twitter/Zimbabwe Cricket

New Delhi: As much as Pakistan cricket remains in the discussion because of its game, more news comes about controversies related to it. Whether it is a matter of mutual estrangement between the players or Pakistan Cricket Board Controversy like a shadow stays with Pakistan cricket. The senior team always makes headlines with its antics, now even the junior team has done something that has embarrassed it.

These days Pakistan’s junior team, Pakistan Shaheen (Pakistan A), is on a tour of Zimbabwe. This team is busy playing Test and ODI matches against Zimbabwe Select (like India A) team. The ODI series is currently being played in this tour and in the sixth ODI of the series on Saturday, the Pakistani team made a big mistake.

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Ball tampering by junior Pakistanis

The Pakistani team was bowling first in this match. Aamer Jamal was bowling in the 34th over of the match. On the last ball of this over, suddenly the umpire imposed a penalty on the Pakistani team and ordered 5 extra runs to be added to the score of Zimbabwe Select. Now the question is why did the umpire do this?

The answer is- ball tampering means tampering with the ball. The Pakistani team tried to change the shape of the ball in this over and it is not allowed in the laws of cricket. For this the umpires give penalty runs. If the matter is serious, the match referee can also take action in it.

Zimbabwe’s umpire Aino Chabi decided to impose penalty on the Pakistani team. Now whether there will be any action on this team or not, it will be decided by the referee after the match.

Pakistani team is stuck earlier also

By the way, ball tampering is not a new issue in Pakistan cricket. Even before this, senior cricketers of Pakistan have also been caught in cases related to ball tampering. The most famous is the Shahid Afridi scandal in 2009. On Australia tour, Shahid Afridi was caught biting the ball during an ODI match, after which he was banned for 2 matches.

earlier in 2006 Pakistan-England There was controversy in the test as well. Then the umpires accused the Pakistani team of ball tampering and gave a penalty of 5 runs. The Pakistani team had termed this allegation as wrong. Then the Pakistani team refused to return to the field and the umpires declared England the winner.

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