Pakistani doctors become ‘merciless’! People drowning in flood, but refused to work

A show cause notice has been sent to the doctors who refused to work in the floods in Sindh province of Pakistan.

floods in pakistan

Image Credit source: AFP-File Photo

It is said about doctors that they serve their patients in any situation. No matter what the situation is, but doctors do not forget to fulfill their duty. The reason behind this is that they have to take an oath, which is called ‘Hippocratic Oath’. Taking this Oath by the doctor means that he has to serve the patient under any circumstances. However, Pakistan is such a country, where doctors have kept this oath aside, because they are not going to work in the flood-affected areas. Pakistan These days we are facing severe floods.

At the same time, the health department of Sindh government is very angry about this move of Pakistani doctors. This is the reason why it has now issued show cause notices to all the doctors who have refused to work in the flood-affected areas. It is worth noting here that the Health Department has put him on duty in view of the floods in Sindh. Sources have said that 17 female and male doctors have been issued show cause notices as a final warning. If he does not respond to this notice within three days, he will be fired.

These doctors showed generosity

Sindh province is in dire need of medical service professionals, as the province is battling various viral and vector-borne diseases after the recent floods, apart from flood-related deaths and injuries. At the same time, to deal with this bad situation, there are many Pakistani women doctors who have come forward to work in the flood-affected areas. Apart from this, women and children have also come forward to help the flood victims and they have announced to work as volunteers. Due to the floods, there has been a huge loss of life and property in Sindh province so far.

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helping people from abroad

At the same time, the women doctors who have spoken of helping the flood victims, they live abroad. These doctors living in America, Canada, Malaysia, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Turkey have decided to provide their services without any fees. She is providing online checkups to refugees in relief camps. A platform named Educast telehealth is being used to provide online medical checkups to the people. During the pandemic last year, 2000 women doctors had checked up people through this platform.