Pakistan’s claim to defeat ‘Indian’ in 55 seconds was openly polled, insulted

The honor that the Pakistani player had achieved by defeating an Indian-origin wrestler in 55 seconds has now been robbed. His reputation has been tarnished all over the world

Ali Asad won the bronze medal

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New Delhi. Pakistan was once again humiliated by its own player. His claim of winning the medal in 55 seconds has been exposed. actually last month Commonwealth Games 2022 In this, Pakistan won a total of 8 medals including 2 Gold, 3 Silver and 3 Bronze. Which won the maximum 5 medals in wrestling. Pakistan had praised its wrestlers fiercely. Fans were telling him the pride of the country, but only after 1 month, Pakistan had to be ashamed of the same pride in the world. Respect has also been taken away from Pakistan.

defeated a player of Indian origin in 55 seconds

In fact, a medalist wrestler of the Pakistani team has failed in the dope test, due to which the wrestler’s bronze medal has been snatched. A wrestler named Ali Asad defeated Indian-origin New Zealand wrestler Suraj Singh in just 55 seconds and put the bronze medal in Pakistan’s bag. Since then, his bets were being praised everywhere, but now it has been revealed that the Pakistani wrestler had used banned drugs to enhance his performance. Even before leaving Pakistan for the Commonwealth Games, he had a drug test, which has now come positive. After which his amount was also stopped after the medal was snatched. Recently, all the medalists were given cash prizes in a ceremony held at the PM House, but Ali’s amount has been stopped by the Pakistan Sports Board.

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4 years can be banned

Commonwealth Games The same thing happened in the case of drug test conducted during Although the Pakistani player requested a B sample test, but that too came back positive. Talking to a news channel in Pakistan after coming positive in the initial drug test, Ali Asad had said that he never intentionally used any performance enhancing drugs. He himself is also surprised that how he was told positive and he would like to get a B sample test done. After the test report came positive, Ali is now in trouble. However, they will be given a chance to defend themselves. He will have a chance to defend himself by appearing before the inquiry committee, but he is facing the threat of a 4-year ban.