Pakistan’s defeat is bigger than it looks…

Pakistan got defeated in the T20 series against England at their own home. England won the last T20 match by winning the series 4-3.

Pakistan lost the T20 series at their own home

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Indian cricket fans Pakistan Keeping a close eye on the team. The traditional competition between these two teams is also such that the details of each other’s victory and defeat are kept ready. In the series of 7 T20 matches, England defeated Pakistan 4-3. Here India has captured two consecutive T20 series. First they defeated Australia and now they have taken an unassailable lead against South Africa. For now, we will talk about the series between England and Pakistan. A result of 4-3 in the series indicates that the match must have been very tough. But the truth is not like that. The truth is that the England team played this series with a different ‘mindset’. He saw this series in terms of preparation for the 2022 T20 World Cup more than victory or defeat.

The England team had an idea that they would get the victory but they wanted to get a good feel for Pakistan. The English team did exactly the same. Also won the series and judged the Pakistan team well.

English team did logical experiments

The first four matches of the seven-match series were played in Karachi. After this the next three matches were played in Lahore. Knowing that it is easier to bat later, England won the toss and decided to bat first. England had to face defeat in that match. But he got an idea that even if the Pakistan team is in full color, it will remain within 210 runs. This is the story of the second T20 match. When England had scored 199 while batting first and Pakistan scored 203 runs without losing any wicket. So the English team had to face defeat. But in the next match, batting first, he added 221 runs on the scoreboard. Pakistan was reduced to 158 runs.

The logic behind this decision of the English team is very clear. T20 World Cup is to be played in Australia in this month. If Pakistan and England face off at any point of the T20 World Cup, then the England team will know what it has to do to win. She will enter the field with a strategy that even if the Pakistan team shows its best game, it will not be able to escape from defeat.

Difficult for Pakistan to reach 200 runs

There has been an uproar in Pakistan about this matter for a long time. The batting style of the players of the team is such that they are not even reaching 200 runs. In the last seven T20 matches, there was only one match in which 200 runs were added to Pakistan’s scoreboard. We have told you that this was the second T20. Pakistan scored 158 in the first T20, 158 in the third, 166 in the fourth, 145 in the fifth, 169 in the sixth and 142 in the seventh. In the level of T20 cricket being played at present, Pakistan can hardly stand in front of any big team on this score.

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India Talking about the same, in the series against Australia, he crossed the two hundred mark in one match. In the current South Africa series, he has also crossed the mark of two hundred and fifty. Actually it is the difference of batting style. The real problem of Pakistan is the strike rate of its batsmen. The strike rate of the batting of Pakistan’s openers Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan is already quite skeptical. Cricket fans are clearly saying that these batsmen are playing for their records and not to ensure the victory of the team.