Pakistan’s economy reached ’emergency’, restrictions imposed on the import of many goods, efforts to save foreign exchange intensified

Record fall in Pakistan rupee against dollar

Image Credit source: Twitter

Pakistan’s rupee has reached a new record low of 200 against the dollar today. Due to which there has been a possibility of increasing the burden of the import bill.

The pressure on Pakistan’s economy continues. To deal with the deteriorating economic situation and depleting foreign exchange reserves Pakistan ,PakistanThe government has started taking strict measures. Today the Government of Pakistan has announced the Emergency Economic Plan.emergency plan) announced. Under which the import of many goods has now been banned in the country. This includes many items including cars and mobile phones. The government has taken this step because foreign exchange (Forex) can be saved. On the other hand, today the Pakistani rupee has crossed the level of 200 and has reached a new record low. In view of this, the Government of Pakistan has taken this step. ,

What is the decision of the government of Pakistan

The Government of Pakistan today informed that under the Emergency Economic Plan, a ban is being imposed on the import of all non-essential luxury goods in the country. According to Dawn, this information was given by the Information Minister of Pakistan, soon after which Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif said through a tweet that this decision will save the country’s precious foreign exchange. He said that we have to run at least cost and financially strong people will have to lead it. So that the burden on the poor people should be minimized. According to the information given by Dawn, the imports of the goods which have been banned include cars, mobile phones, dry fruits, home appliances, shoes, decorative items, fruits, frozen meat, carpets, tissue paper, furniture, makeup items, chocolates. , shampoo, sunglasses, cigarettes, musical instruments.