Pakistan’s ‘fatal’ defeat, the news of death came with the defeat, the most dreaded day of the World Cup. Pakistan Coach Bob Woolmer Was Found Dead In His Hotel Room 2007 world cup on this day 18th march

Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer died during the 2007 World Cup. The mystery of Woolmer’s death has not been revealed till date but this one incident had put the cricket world in awe.

Pakistan's 'fatal' defeat, the news of death came with the defeat, the most dreaded day of the World Cup

Bob Woolmer achieved a lot of success as a coach

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New Delhi. The 2007 World Cup was a big disappointment for Pakistan itself. This team was out of the group stage. This team had a disappointing defeat against Ireland, after which it was being booed all over the world. However, the team got a bigger blow off the field when their head coach in the middle of the tournament bob woolmer passed away. Not only Pakistan but the whole world was shocked by this incident.

In the year 2007, the World Cup was organized in the West Indies. To participate in this tournament, the Pakistani team reached West Indies with its head coach Bob Woolmer. Woolmer was the coach of the team since 2004 and by 2007, he had made a name for himself as a successful coach. The fans of Pakistan expected that Pakistan would do something amazing in the 2007 World Cup, but no one expected what happened.

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Woolmer’s body was found in the hotel room

In this World Cup, on March 17, the fans got to see two major upheavals. India got defeated by Bangladesh while Pakistan got a humiliating defeat by Ireland. This defeat put Pakistan out of the World Cup. After the match everyone went to their rooms although this was the last time the Pakistani players saw their coach. The next day i.e. on 18 March, Woolmer was found dead in his room. Not only Pakistan but everyone was shocked by the death of the middle tournament coach.

Investigation lasted for several days

The Jamaica Police started investigating the matter, initially heart attack was being told as the cause of death. However, a few days later the police began to suspect that Woolmer had been murdered. The post-mortem report also said that Woolmer died of strangulation. Even after interrogating 57 eyewitnesses for 26 days, nothing came to the hands of the Jamaican police. After this, the police closed the case due to lack of evidence and said that Woolmer died due to natural causes. However, many people still make different claims regarding this.

Woolmer had a connection with India

Woolmer also had a deep connection with India. This country was his birthplace. He was born on May 14 in the year 1948 in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, but after some time he went to Britain and started his cricket journey here. In 1975 he Australia Made his Test debut against. He played 19 Tests and six ODIs for England.

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