Part Time PhD: Good News! Now you will be able to do part-time PhD, approval can be obtained from UGC soon, just have to submit this document

UGC may approve part-time PhD

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Part-time PhD Working Professionals: UGC Vice-Chairman M Jagadesh Kumar said that part-time PhD programs are also conducted by reputed universities of the world.

Part-Time PhD for Professionals: The University Grants Commission (UGC) is exploring the possibility of allowing working professionals to pursue part-time PhD programs following the system followed by IITs. UGC K Vice-Chairman M Jagadesh Kumar said that part-time PhD programs are also conducted by reputed universities of the world. Professor Kumar said, “In part-time PhD programs, a university faculty member supervises a PhD student. Students work on their subject on the advice of their supervisor. But most of the time he works independently.

UGC Vice-Chairman said, “Such part-time PhD programs are available in some of the best universities across the world. Why is this not the case in our Indian universities?’ The UGC had notified the draft of the UGC (Minimum Standards and Procedure for the Award of PhD Degree) Regulations, 2022 in March. The provision of part-time PhD programs is likely to find a place in the rules which are being finalised. Professor Kumar, an alumnus of IIT Madras, said that part-time PhD programs are quite common in the IIT system. Professor Kumar has been a faculty member of the Department of Electrical Engineering at IIT Delhi.

Part-time PhD Help for Professionals Who Can’t Take Long Leaves

Professor M Jagadesh Kumar said, “Students pursuing part-time PhD have to complete course work requirements on campus during their first or second semester. They have to do this if they are living in the same city where the university is located. He said, ‘They can go back to their work without attending lectures. Such part-time PhD programs are very helpful for those professionals who cannot take long leave to pursue PhD.

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Candidates doing part-time PhD will have to give NOC

He said that the eligibility criteria for full-time and part-time candidates will remain the same. However, in order to register for the doctoral programme, part-time PhD candidates will have to submit a NOC from their companies. In the NOC, an explanation has to be given that facilities are available for the field of research of the employee at the place of work and the employee will be discharged from his duty if required.