Parveen Babi Death Anniversary: ​​When the relationship with Parveen Babi was revealed in front of Kabir Bedi’s wife, the actress’s life had changed like this

Parveen was very happy with Kabir Bedi and wanted to marry him too. But the difficulty was here that Kabir Bedi was already married.

Actress Parveen Babi and Kabir Bedi together

Parveen Babi Death Anniversary: Bold actress Parveen Babi with very beautiful style (Parveen Babi) entertained the audience a lot through films in Hindi cinema. At that time, Parveen Babi had emerged as a very big star in the 80s. Amitabh Bachchan (Amitabh Bachchan) Fans loved to see him in the frame. In the life of actress Parveen Babi, love came thrice one after the other. But even once their love could not be complete. There was a time when Parveen Babi actor Kabir Bedi (Kabir Bedi) was dating. Parveen was very happy with Kabir Bedi and wanted to marry him too. But the difficulty was here that Kabir Bedi was already married. Although Kabir Bedi also wanted Parveen’s support. Because at that time everything was not going well in Kabir Bedi’s married life. At the same time, when his wife came to know about Kabir Bedi’s relationship, the actor felt that the matter would get worse, but the reaction of Kabir Bedi’s wife was quite different at that time.

Kabir Bedi disclosed in his book

Kabir Bedi himself disclosed this in his biography about Parveen Babi. In his book Story I Must Tell: The Emotional Life of an Actor (STORIES I MUST TELL: The Emotional Life of an ActorKabir Bedi had told- ‘I was in a relationship with Parveen Babi, when my wife Pratima came to know about our affair, instead of getting angry, she encouraged my relationship with Parveen and separated.’

Kabir Bedi was in a relationship with Parveen, when his wife got the news..

He told- ‘When she came to know about my affair with Parveen, Pratima broke our marriage. He told that Pratima and Kabir were in open marriage at that time. There was often a quarrel between the two. There was no love left between them. He had told about the relationship with his wife at that time that as husband and wife feel for each other, they both did not feel the same for each other.

Kabir also mentioned in his book that in 1997 his ex-wife Pratima gave an interview to Stardust magazine. In that interview, Pratima had spoken of approving the relationship between Parveen and Kabir. After this, when Parveen Babi entered Kabir’s life, he filled that emptiness in his life.

How did Parveen Babi die?

Let me tell you, there was no one with Parvani in her last days. He died in solitude. Kabir Bedi, then Danny, then Parveen Babi, who was in a relationship with Mahesh Bhatt, had neither her love nor any relative at that time. The actress used to live alone in her house. At the same time, he had removed all his helps and servants from work. According to media reports, Parveen Babi had locked herself in the house. She didn’t go out anywhere. She could not cook for herself a few days before she died. It is said that the actress died due to hunger. According to the reports, when Parveen Babi’s post-mortem report came, it was revealed that she died of starvation.