Pat Cummins reacts to stopping IPL

in India Corona virus The second wave of the epidemic is spreading faster than fire. Millions of cases are being reported daily across the country, while thousands of people are losing their lives. Amidst all this, many believe that IPL should be stopped, but some people are thinking the opposite. Pat Cummins, who donated 50 thousand dollars to help India, also believes that stopping the IPL is not a solution.

IPL will not stop any response

Thousands of people are losing their lives every day due to Corona virus in India. Many lives are kneeling in front of the collapsing system. But in the meantime IPL 2021 is being organized. With which two opinions have been formed, some say that the tournament should be stopped in such a terrible situation, then some are in support of continuing the IPL. Now Pat Cummins, Who recently donated 50 thousand dollars to buy oxygen to India, told news channel Vienne that,

“I don’t think stopping IPL would be the answer. We are making every effort to ensure that we do not use any kind of resources of the people. I don’t think that’s the answer. “

Help in keeping people at home


Pat Cummins believes that IPL has helped keep people at home. In fact, the government is constantly insisting on getting out of the house only when necessary work is done, otherwise stay at home and help break the virus chain. Pat Cummins went on to say about the IPL,

“Of course the aspect is that playing three to four hours each night is expected to help keep people at home whose routines are very strict and we can help them each day.”

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