Pathaan Twitter Review: Shahrukh won hearts, fans said – ‘Pathan’ brought Diwali in January itself

Pathaan: Shah Rukh Khan’s film ‘Pathan’ has been released in theatres. Shahrukh dominated the entire film. The film is full of tremendous dialogue and explosive action.

Shah Rukh Khan’s film ‘Pathan’ has been released in theaters

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Pathan Twitter Review: Shahrukh Khan (shah rukh khan)’s most awaited spy thriller film ‘Pathan’ has finally hit the theatres. Seeing the way people reached the theater to watch its first day first show, it is being speculated that the film will prove to be a blockbuster. There is an atmosphere of celebration among the fans, because Shah Rukh, who is called King of Romance, appeared in full on action mode this time. #PathaanReview is trending top on Twitter. The fans of King Khan say that everyone has really spoiled the weather with their acting. This time Diwali ‘Pathan’ brought in January itself.

With the hashtag #PathaanReview on Twitter, there has been a flood of comments from Shahrukh’s fans. Pathan has been termed as a blockbuster by the fans. One has written, Pathan and Tiger are setting fire to the screen of the phone together, so imagine how it will be experienced on the big screen. Another user has written, the explosive dialogue has taken the film to a different level. Similarly, people are continuously giving their respective reviews. Let’s take a look at the selected reactions.

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‘Blockbuster Hai Pathan’