Pawan Singh: Actor Pawan Singh in celebration mode after divorce application from second wife, know who he is?

Pawan Singh

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For the past few days, Bhojpuri star Pawan Singh has been in the headlines due to personal controversies. Pawan Singh and his wife are now separating. Meanwhile, Pawan Singh was seen celebrating his nephew’s birthday at home.

bhojpuri power star Pawan Singh (Pawan Singh) often remains in the headlines for both his personal and professional life. Every day some or the other news related to actor Pawan Singh comes to the fore. Whether it is Pawan Singh’s film or his dance video with an actress, Pawan Singh remains in the headlines for one reason or the other. Now everyone knows from the fans that actor Pawan Singh is going to divorce his wife Jyoti Singh. But in the meantime, Bhojpuri star Pawan Singh was seen celebrating with his special someone at his house.

Pawan Singh was seen doing the celebration

The Bhojpuri actor was seen in celebration mode in his house. He celebrated the birthday of his elder brother’s son i.e. nephew at home. Pawan Singh has posted some pictures on social media. Pawan Singh has also shared the pictures of the celebration on his Instagram. In these pictures, Pawan Singh is seen standing with his family. Sharing the photos, Pawan Singh wrote- ‘Many happy birthday Pradyumna son…you live for thousands of years love you, Happy Birthday @praduman_singh_2929. In the relationship, Pawan Singh seems to be Pradyumna Singh’s uncle. The same, Pradyuman has also thanked uncle Pawan Singh by sharing birthday photos on his social media account.

Stayed in headlines due to controversies in personal life

Bhojpuri actor Pawan Singh is in the headlines due to the ongoing controversies in his personal life. Pawan Singh and Jyoti Singh have made it clear in the court that both do not want to live with each other. Actually, Pawan Singh has decided to separate from his second wife Jyoti Singh and due to this he filed for divorce in Ara Family Court.

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Pawan Singh had said this in the court

Let us tell you that, Bhojpuri actor Pawan Singh’s lawyer Sudama Singh had told the media that the actor said in the court that he would not keep Jyoti Singh as his wife. Pawan Singh has refused to stay with Jyoti Singh in the court. However, the judge tried to convince both of them but neither Jyoti nor Pawan Singh agreed to live together. Let us also tell you that Jyoti Singh had made serious allegations against actor Pawan Singh in the court.