PCB hopes for Asia Cup from other countries, fear of India’s power is haunting it. Pakistan Cricket Board Chief Najam Sethi bcci have influence in Asia Cup Hosting Issue

Controversy has been going on for a long time regarding the Asia Cup. This year’s Asia Cup is going to be held in Pakistan. The Indian team is not ready to go to Pakistan to participate in this tournament.

Najam Sethi gave a big statement about BCCI

New Delhi. Ever since Pakistan has got the hosting of Asia Cup 2023, it is being discussed whether this tournament will be held in Pakistan only. there is a clear reason BCCI, BCCI is not ready to send its team to Pakistan for Asia Cup. There is a danger of snatching the hosting on Pakistan. Pakistan Cricket Board President Najam Sethi believes that the thinking of other countries of Asia is also important regarding their hosting.

BCCI Secretary and Asian Cricket Council President Jay Shah says that the Indian team will not go to Pakistan and the Asia Cup will be held elsewhere. An important meeting of ACC and ICC is going to be held in Dubai before which Najam Sethi made a big statement.

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BCCI has money power

Najam Sethi said that he wants to see what other countries think about the Asia Cup. He said, “It has to be seen what the rest of the countries participating in the Asia Cup think, but at the same time we all know how powerful the BCCI is in international cricket because of its money.” Najam Sethi also told that he has discussed with the officials of other ACC countries about their problems and he is trying to solve them.

Najam Sethi will meet Jai Shah

before going to dubai Nazam Sethi Has made complete preparations. He has spoken to the government of his country and has also taken legal advice as to what he has to say in these meetings. The PCB chairman is also going to discuss the issue of Asia Cup with Jai Shah during this meeting. After this meeting, he will return to the country and decide whether he will participate in the ODI World Cup to be held in India this year or not. If he goes there, he would need assurance of complete security not only for his team but also for the fans.

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