Pehchan Kaun: Do you recognize these giants? These musicians, who belonged to music, had once tried their hands in acting

These three are the emperors of the world of music and all three together had tested themselves by acting in a comedy film. That film did not become very popular but the name and concept of that film definitely made everyone laugh.

Do you recognize these giants?

Image Credit source: Bappi Lahiri Instagram

Pehchan Kaun : Indian Music Industry (Indian Music IndustryThere were many such artists who won the hearts of crores of people with their singing. The world was impressed by his music and the way he presented it. But it is said that the creative mind is always looking for something or the other. He is never satisfied with one thing. One such trio was from the world of music, who wowed the music and tried their hands in different genres for their fun. Today I will introduce you to one such trio. You must have seen the picture. Do you know who these three actors are? I will tell you about these three artists but before that let me give you a hint. These three are the emperors of the music world and all three together make a comedy film (Comedy FilmI had also tested myself by acting in it. That film did not become very popular, but even the name and concept of that film definitely made everyone laugh.

A comedy film was made jokingly among these three giants

Now ending the suspense, let me tell you about the artists seen in this photo and the story related to this photo. This photo is from the film ‘Badti Ka Naam Beard’ released in the year 1974. These 3 people seen in this photo are none other than everyone’s favorite musician Kishore Kumar, Bappi Lahiri and Amit Kumar. This picture was posted by Bappi Lahiri from his Instagram account last year and told that it is a picture of the film from which Bappi Da started as an actor. The film was directed by Kishore Kumar and produced by Amit Kumar. While sharing this picture, he also asked people the name of the film.

Manna Dey and Mohammed Rafi also contributed to the music of this film.

On February 15, famous filmmaker Bappi Lahiri left that world. The entire music industry and film industry is in mourning due to his death. Bappi Lahiri’s fun-filled style in this picture tells how happy he was. He was very close to his maternal uncle Kishore Kumar. In the early days, he used to live with them and give himself in music. This trio had made this film ‘Badti Ka Naam Beard’. It was similar to Kishore Kumar’s famous film ‘Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi’. There was a lot of fun in the songs of this film too. The songs of this film were written and composed in such a way that the audience enjoys the songs. Apart from these three, Manna Dey, Mohammad Rafi and Asha Bhosle also contributed to the music of this film.

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