People craving Corona’s vaccine and 500 doses were wasted due to this person’s stupidity, got 3 years sentence

There are many countries around the world, where people are craving for a vaccine to protect against the corona virus. Due to lack of vaccine, the risk of infection in front of them remains constant. But in the meantime, a person wasted not one or two but more than 500 doses with his own stupidity. This case is from Wisconsin, USA. (US pharmacist jailed 3 years after tampering with Covid Vaccine)

A US court has sentenced this former pharmacist to three years in prison for wasting more than 500 doses of Kovid-19. Steven Brandenburg, 46, pleaded guilty in February to attempting to tamper with a consumer product. Brandenburg admitted that he had kept Moderna’s vaccines out of the refrigerator for several hours at Aurora Medical Center, north of Milwaukee.

ashamed of his actions

In a statement before his sentencing, he said he was “very embarrassed” and took responsibility for what he did. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that the pharmacist apologized to his coworkers, family and community for his act. Aurora reported that most of the discarded vaccines were destroyed. However, by then 57 people had been given some of these vaccines. It is believed that these doses are still effective. But due to the uncertainty that lasted for several weeks, the vaccine takers were worried. (Corona Vaccine Latest News)

61 lakhs will have to pay damages

The court has also imposed a financial fine on this pharmacist. He will have to pay $ 83,800 (over Rs 61 lakh) as damages to the Wisconsin hospital. He used to work in this hospital. Brian Boynton, acting attorney general for the Department of Civil Division, said, “In a national health emergency, deliberately wasting a vaccine in this manner is a serious crime.” To keep Moderna’s vaccine safe, it is necessary to keep it in the fridge. America had bought 124 million doses of Moderna. (input from language)

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