Petrol and diesel will not be available without this paper, know what is the new rule

Delhi Pollution: Pollution is not a problem in Delhi today. Air pollution has made breathing difficult in the capital for a long time. The state government keeps making new efforts to stop this pollution, in which the latest rule is that from October 25, if anyone does not have a valid Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUC), then he will not get petrol or diesel from the fuel pump. With the arrival of winter, the chances of increasing pollution also increase. In such a situation, the Delhi government has taken this decision to curb vehicular pollution.

Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai said in a press conference that, keeping in mind the increasing pollution in winter, the Delhi Government has prepared a Winter Action Plan with 30 departments. This plan was put forward by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal last Friday and said that due to the efforts made by the Delhi government with the people of Delhi, there has been a decline of more than 18 percent in PM 10.

The Environment Minister said, “Many steps are taken to prevent vehicular pollution in Delhi, but if the pollution level increases, petrol/diesel should not be given at the petrol pump without PUC certificate. In March, we had sought suggestions regarding this. On 2 May. The suggestions had come. On September 29, preparations were started after meeting with the departments like transport, environment, police etc. From October 25, fuel will not be available at petrol pumps in Delhi without showing PUC.

He also appealed to the states of NCR to prepare their winter action plan, because the problem of pollution in Delhi is the problem of air shed. He said that the capital of Uttar Pradesh is Lucknow, Rajasthan’s Jaipur and Haryana’s Chandigarh, so the officials sitting there do not have an idea of ​​the seriousness of the pollution.

This year, 15 main points will be implemented in the plan prepared for the winter. All departments have been alerted for this plan. The GRAP (Graded Response Action Plan) revised by CAQM has been implemented in the capital from Saturday, October 1. Rai said, “For proper implementation of GRAP and 15 point action plan in Delhi, 24×7 war room will work in Delhi Secretariat from Monday. Implementation of GRAP in NCR areas does not show seriousness. Through this we will increase public participation.”