Petrol Crisis: To stop the fuel crisis, the government implemented USO, but private retailers are charging Rs 5 extra

The line at the petrol pump is getting longer.

Image Credit source: PTI

To reduce the fuel crisis, the government has implemented Universal Service Obligation Rules across the country. Private retailers have started selling petrol and diesel expensive by Rs 5 so that customers do not reach them.

country at the moment fuel crisis ,Fuel Crisis) is moving towards. There are reports from many states that petrol pumps (Petrol Pumps) but there is limited supply, due to which there is a panic. In such a situation, people are doing panic shopping. To overcome this problem, the Ministry of Petroleum has implemented Universal Service Obligation across the country. Under this rule, people who have a license to operate a petrol pump can no longer intentionally shut down their petrol pumps. However, private oil marketing companies like Reliance and Naira have found a new way to avoid this trouble. Petrol and diesel are being sold expensive by Rs 3-5 per liter at private outlets. This is helping to decongest the crowd, but the burden on the government oil marketing companies is increasing.

The problem of fuel crisis started in May, but by June it became serious. Actually, the price of crude oil in the international market is close to $ 120 per barrel. At present, the price of petrol and diesel is on the basis of $ 85 per barrel. In such a situation, oil marketing companies are incurring a loss of Rs 10-12 on petrol and Rs 23-25 ​​on diesel per liter. To avoid this loss, private petrol pump operators started reducing their stock gradually and hundreds of petrol pumps have also been closed immediately.

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