Petrol-Diesel Price: New price of petrol and diesel released for today, check rate

No change in price even today.

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Delhi Petrol rate today: Today once again there was no change in the price. Today, the price of petrol in the capital Delhi is Rs 96.72 and the price of diesel is Rs 89.62 per liter.

once again today Petrol and diesel prices ,Petrol-Diesel Price) there was no change. Petrol in the capital Delhi today (Petrol price in Delhi) is priced at Rs 96.72 and diesel at Rs 89.62 per litre. In Mumbai, the cost of one liter of petrol is Rs 111.35 and that of diesel is Rs 97.28. Petrol in Chennai is being sold at Rs 102.63 and diesel at Rs 94.24 per liter. At the same time, the price of petrol in Kolkata is Rs 106.03 and the price of diesel is Rs 92.76 per liter. In the international market, it is at the level of $ 111. Meanwhile, Revenue Secretary Tarun Bajaj has made it clear that windfall tax will not be rolled back until crude oil prices fall by $40 a barrel from current levels.

This means that the government will wait for the price of crude oil to come down to $70, after which it will consider withdrawing the tax. The government on July 1 announced export duty of Rs 6, Rs 13 and Rs 6 per liter on the export of petrol, diesel and air turbine fuel amid the rise in crude oil prices.

Review every two weeks

With the help of this, the government wants to increase the domestic supply and along with it money will also come in its treasury. The government has made it clear that the windfall tax will be reviewed every two weeks. Explain that the government has also announced an additional tax of Rs 23250 per tonne on domestic crude oil production.

Loss in revenue will be compensated

Experts say that about 85 percent of the loss in revenue the government was losing due to the reduction in excise duty on petrol and diesel will be recovered from this move. On May 21, the government announced a reduction in excise duty on petrol by Rs 8 per liter and on diesel by Rs 6 per liter. At that time it was said that the government would lose revenue of one lakh crore rupees annually due to reduction of excise duty.

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52 thousand crores will be available in the current financial year

The government will get Rs 67,425 crore annually by levying tax on crude oil production of public sector ONGC and Oil India Ltd and private sector Cairn Oil and Gas of Vedanta Ltd and domestically producing 29 million tonnes of crude. According to the report, in the remaining 9 months of the current financial year, the government will get about 52 thousand crore rupees.