Petrol-Diesel Price Today: Petrol-Diesel prices released for today, know what is the rate in your city

The price of petrol and diesel has remained stable since April 6.

Petrol-diesel price has remained stable since 6 April. There has been no change in its price on Tuesday as well. Today in the country’s capital Delhi, the price of petrol is 105.41 and the price of diesel is Rs 96.67 per liter.

since 6 april petrol-diesel price of (Petrol Diesel price) remains stable. There has been no change in its price on Tuesday as well. Petrol price in the country’s capital Delhi today (Petrol Rate) 105.41 more diesel price (Diesel Rate) 96.67 per liter is Rs. Price of one liter of petrol in Mumbai today (Petrol Price Today) 120.51 and diesel costs Rs 104.77. Apart from Delhi-Mumbai, if we talk about two other metros of the country, today the price of petrol in Kolkata is Rs 115.12 and diesel is Rs 99.83 per liter. At the same time, the price of petrol in Chennai is Rs 110.85 and the price of diesel is Rs 100.94 per liter. If you want to see the latest prices of petrol and diesel in your city, then you can check by clicking on this link.

On the other hand, big global trading houses have decided to reduce the purchase of oil from Russia. On the other hand, the European Union has announced a ban on buying crude oil from Russia. Due to rising prices in the international market, India’s crude oil import bill reached a record high in the month of April. In April, India imported 48 lakh barrels of oil on a daily basis. Russia’s contribution in this has been 5 percent.

Petrol and diesel prices in different cities

name of the city Petrol (Rs per litre) Diesel (Rs per litre)
Delhi 105.41 96.67
Mumbai 120.51 104.77
Chennai 110.85 100.94
Kolkata 115.12 99.83
Lucknow 105.25 96.83
Jaipur 118.03 100.92
Patna 116.23 101.06
Jammu 106.52 90.26
Ranchi 108.71 102.02

How is the tax on petrol?

Talking about the tax on petrol and diesel, as on May 1, the base price of petrol in Delhi is Rs 56.33. A transport cost of Rs 0.20 per liter is applicable. Excise duty is Rs 27.90 per liter and VAT is Rs 17.13 per liter. This includes dealer commission of Rs 3.85 per liter. In this way it reaches 105.41 rupees.

How is diesel taxed?

Talking about diesel, the base price is Rs 57.94 per liter. The transportation cost is Rs 0.22 per liter. Exide duty is Rs 21.80 per liter and VAT is Rs 14.12. The dealer commission is Rs 2.59 per litre. In this way it reaches the level of Rs 96.67.

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Let us tell you that the last time the prices of petrol and diesel were increased across the country on 6th April. On 6 April, the prices of petrol and diesel were increased by 80-80 paise per liter in the capital Delhi. Earlier, fuel prices were completely stable across the country from November 4, 2021 to March 21, 2022. After which oil prices started increasing from 22 March 2022. Between March 22 and April 6, petrol and diesel became costlier by Rs 10 per liter in Delhi.