Pharma companies insist on work from office, hybrid working trend in tech sector

Most of the pharmaceutical companies in the country want working from the office, while about 50 percent of the companies in the tech and retail sector prefer hybrid working. Coworking may see a boom in the last few months as the need for flexible and on-demand office space increases.

The joint survey by flexible space supplier Awfis and tech-enabled workplace provider Qdesq also indicated that the majority of companies plan to expand their presence over the next 12 months, with nearly 40 percent turning to the idea of ​​hybrid working. The survey states that 35-40 percent of companies of all sizes like the idea of ​​hybrid working. Despite office space development in many cities hybrid The companies are in talks with flexible space providers to implement the working model. About 45 percent of companies are considering new office space, including flexible space. In addition, about 35 percent have already started hybrid working through collaboration with coworking spaces.

More than 70 percent of the small firms surveyed are in favor of working from the office. For large companies, the figure is only 15 per cent and of these, around 70 per cent prefer hybrid working. Recently, global IT services company Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) asked its staff to work from office for at least three days a week. The company had told in an email sent to the employees that they would have to work from office for three days in a week as per the roster made by their supervisor. Against the employees who violate it company Action can be taken by

However, no time frame was given in the email. Employees are asked to contact their HR business partners for more information. A few weeks ago, TCS encouraged employees to come to office through social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The company tried to educate the employees about the benefits of working from the office. TCS has made a 25×25 plan. It is a new operating model in which only 25 percent of its workforce will have to be present in the office at any point of time. <!–


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