Phone dropped in Reservoir Officer Pumped Out 21 lakh liters of water in 3 days suspended

A government official in Chhattisgarh has done wonders! The officer’s phone had fallen in the reservoir, to find it, he got 21 lakh liters of water removed from the pond. The officer has been suspended after the incident came to light. The official claimed that the reservoir water was not fit for use and that he had taken “verbal permission” from his senior to drain it. This incident has come to light from Koilibeda block of Kanker district of Chhattisgarh.

of NDTV Report According to, Food Officer Rajesh Biswas was spending his holidays at Kherkatta Dam. His smartphone worth Rs 1 lakh accidentally fell into the water body. The phone had fallen in 15 feet deep water. Local people searched for him, but did not get success. In search of the phone, the officer pumped out water from the reservoir for three days with the help of two diesel pumps. About 21 lakh liters of water was shed. This much water was enough to irrigate 1500 acres of fields.

According to reports, the water receding reportedly started from Monday evening, which continued till Thursday. On receiving the complaint, officials of the Irrigation Department reached the spot and got the work stopped. By then the water level had gone down to 6 feet.

It has been said on behalf of Rajesh Vishwas that his water got out of hand while taking a selfie. The phone had official data, that’s why it was searched. Rajesh Biswas claims that an official of the Water Resources Department told him that the water was not used for anything, so he pumped out some water.

A Water Resources Department official told local reporters that they had given permission to draw water up to 5 feet, but more water was drawn. The special thing is that the officer’s phone was found, but it is not working. Politics is also happening on this matter. BJP leader and former Chief Minister of the state Raman Singh has criticized the Congress government.



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