Picture of government school will change, SDM seen teaching children in MP

MP Govt Schools News: Saurabh Mishra, serving as SDM in Tikamgarh, started teaching children during the inspection of the school.

SDM Saurabh Mishra teaching in school

Image Credit source: Tv9 Network

MP Govt Schools: Every picture can be changed, it just needs someone to change it. Government schools can also be better than private schools. Now you must be thinking that what kind of joke is this, because where the locks do not open, the teachers of the school remain missing. Madhya Pradesh If there is only one teacher in 16,000 schools, then such things can be no less than a joke. Whenever such news comes in front of the eyes, a ray of hope appears.

Amidst the darkness spread all around, such a picture has come from Tikamgarh in Madhya Pradesh, which raises a ray of hope. Saurabh Mishra, who is serving as SDM here, started teaching the children during the inspection of the school. A person who has proved himself by walking on that path of success, who has seen this whole path of success, if he holds the finger of these young people, then definitely they can definitely reach their destination.

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This whole issue is related to the sensitivity of an administrative officer. If every employee of the state takes this incident as an example and tries to give even a small part of his busy tenure to these children, then it is expected that the education system of the state will not change, but this small effort must be the foundation of a big change. Could.

Know their problems from children

When SDM Saurabh Mishra reached among the school children and started interacting with the children. Everyone narrated their own story to the SDM. The conversation between the children and the officer went on in such a way that he forgot everything. Looking at this picture, it seemed that the true joy of life lies in the smiles of these children. SDM taught the children a lot in talks and returned after learning a lot themselves.

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He told that the time for the examination of the children is going on. All the children are busy in the preparations. We tried to know from the children which questions they were having trouble answering. Talking further about the conversation with the children, he said that we have got good information from the children, which shows that we need to work harder. The SDM further said that after taking English classes, it was found that the children were making small mistakes in essay etc. Talked to teachers about this.