Pinch Season 2: Anil Kapoor reveals many secrets, stardom and criticism in ‘Pinch 2’

All the episodes of Pinch Season 2 of Ku-Play are proving to be more than one. This week, Anil Kapoor expressed his heart on the show. Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor revealed the criticism he faced for not being a ‘star’ in the 9th episode of Arbaaz Khan’s chat show Pinch Season 2. Along with this, many secrets of his life were revealed. During this, Anil Kapoor also revealed the secrets of his ‘Eternal Youth’ and also revealed the struggle for stardom.

Anil Kapoor shared that initially he faced criticism for not being a star. He was called only an actor. He said, “I used to take it as a compliment, people used to compare me with Sanjeev Kumar and I used to get happy that they are comparing me to the greatest actor of our country.”

People’s attitude was different towards Anil Kapoor

Kapoor further said, “People’s perspective was different at that time. My films were appreciated. Some films were not even successful. Even the torch didn’t do well, but my work was appreciated, that’s how I got more work. There were some people who told me that I didn’t look like a star, so I used to tell them to let me improvise, where my appearance is concerned or my physicality is concerned.”

Anil believes that there is always room for improvement. He says that if he does not perform well, then he is cheating his audience. The actor is known for being fussy. Anil explains his secret to being young forever. He said, “You should enjoy whatever you are doing in life and I have been lucky enough. To be honest, God has been kind to me (in personal, professional, financial matters). Apart from this, you have to eat on time, sleep on time and dedicate an hour a day to your body.”

Watch the full video of Anil Kapoor’s revelations here

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