PM Modi inaugurated the National Games, gave the slogan ‘Junega India, Jeetega India’

National Games are being organized for the first time in Gujarat and in such a situation, with the inauguration of the Games, Prime Minister Modi also encouraged 7 thousand players.

PM Narendra Modi also appealed to the players to enjoy Navratri.

Image Credit source: PTI

The biggest event of Indian sports has started in Gujarat. 36th in Ahmedabad national games It was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. World’s largest cricket stadium on Thursday 29 September Narendra Modi Stadium Inaugurating the Games, PM Modi also encouraged seven thousand athletes participating in the games that lasted for about two weeks. Modi said that the soft power of sports improves the image of the country.

National Games are being organized for the first time in Gujarat. The special thing is that these games are being organized only after waiting for seven years. Apart from 28 states of the country, about 7 thousand players from 8 union territories are participating in these games this time. The Games will be organized in 6 cities of Gujarat. Only cycling competitions will be held in Delhi.

The way to the victory of the country in your victory

With the inauguration of the Games on Thursday, 29 September, Prime Minister Modi encouraged the players participating in them and also described them as important partners in the progress of the country. PM said, “The victories of the players in the field of play, their strong performance, paves the way for the victory of the country in other areas as well. The soft power of sports, makes the identity of the country, the image of the country much better.

enjoy navratri player

Not only this, PM Modi also suggested the players to enjoy the culture of Gujarat. Talking about Navratras and the famous Garba festival of Gujarat, the PM said, from worship of Maa Durga to Garba in Gujarat, it has its own identity. To the players who have come from other states, I would say that along with the game, definitely enjoy the Navratri event here.