PM Modi Japan Visit: PM Modi met President Biden in Tokyo, said- relations between the two countries got stronger

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Image Credit source: AFP

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is on a visit to Japan, met US President Joe Biden on Tuesday.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is on a visit to Japan, held a bilateral meeting with US President Joe Biden on Tuesday. During the meeting, PM Modi said about the deepening ties with America that the relationship between the two countries has strengthened and it is a relationship of trust between India and America, while US President Joe Biden said that I am happy that We are renewing the India-US vaccination program.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi told US President Joe Biden during the bilateral talks that there is a lot that we can and will do together.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the leaders of the US, Japan and Australia attended the second face-to-face meeting of the Multilateral Security Dialogue (Quad) in Tokyo on Tuesday to discuss developments in the Indo-Pacific region and global issues of mutual interest. will share.

Earlier on Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in the second one-on-one summit of the Quadlateral Security Dialogue (Quad) of the four-nation grouping in Tokyo on Tuesday that mutual trust and determination among its member countries should not only give new energy to democratic forces. but also promoting the establishment of a free, open and inclusive Indo-Pacific region. Prime Minister Modi said that the Quad is moving forward with a constructive agenda for the Indo-Pacific region, which will further cement its image as “a force working towards global welfare”.

The leaders of the Quad group, made up of India, Australia, the US and Japan, are meeting in Japan’s capital amid geopolitical turmoil triggered by the Russian offensive against Ukraine and the continuing deterioration in each member country’s bilateral ties with China. While US President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida strongly condemned Russia’s war against Ukraine at the conference, Modi did not say anything on the issue.