PNG Price Hike: Another blow to inflation, after petrol and diesel, the price of PNG also increased, know the new prices

In Gautam Buddha Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, the price of PNG has been increased by Re 1 per SCM, after the increase, the new prices will be Rs 35.86 per SCM. The new prices will be applicable from March 24.

Png Gas

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After petrol and diesel, now piped natural gasPNG) has also become expensive. IGL has announced a hike in prices today. IGL has informed that the increase in the price of PNG by Re 1 per SCM (Price hike) Has been. According to the company, this increase has been made due to the increasing cost of gas. The new prices will be applicable from March 24. Russia Ukraine crisis ,Russia Ukraine CrisisDue to which there is a continuous increase in fuel prices. Before PNG prices, CNG, LPG and petrol and diesel prices have also seen an increase. This rise in fuel prices has been seen due to the jump in prices in the international market. India meets a large part of its fuel needs through imports.

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