Poison spread in America’s water after train accident? Government order – drink only bottled water

On February 3, a major accident took place in Ohio, USA, when about 50 bogies of the Norfolk Southern train with 150 bogies derailed. Dangerous chemical was loaded in these bogies. The coaches also caught fire after the accident.

After the derailment of a train carrying dangerous chemicals in Ohio, America, now there is a possibility of huge damage to the environment. After the incident, the officials are investigating the entire area and trying to find out whether the accident caused damage to the environment there or not. Meanwhile, on Wednesday, the Governor of Ohio has given a big warning and advised the local people to drink bottled water.

Chemical-laden bogies caught fire after a cargo train derailed in the Midwestern United States. Since then, there is a possibility of spreading dangerous gas like vinyl chloride in the environment there. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine told CNN that residents of the area where the incident occurred in East Palestine would be better off not using water from the well for the time being.

Governor advised not to take risk

The Governor further said, we tested the water of the first well of the village late last night and found its water to be fine. Even after this, he has advised people to drink bottled water for a few days. He said that we should not take any kind of risk. Samples have been taken for testing the water of more wells in the village, the results of which will come after Wednesday.

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Investigation of water of rivers and wells

At the same time, Michael Regan, administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, told CNN that samples of water from rivers and wells around the scene have been taken, which are currently being investigated. Regan said that the agency will be able to give more information to the public only after the testing report comes out.