Police warned in a funny way to beware of Corona

The third wave of corona has knocked in India and the situation is getting worse due to the increase in corona cases every day. Let us tell you that on Thursday 13 January, two and a half lakh cases of corona virus were reported in India. The situation has become so bad that the country has even got a warning by the UN. However, in the meantime, Kolkata Police has tried to warn the fans about Corona in an interesting way by sharing a photo of the Test match between New Zealand and Bangladesh (NZ vs BAN) on their Twitter account.

Unique step taken by Kolkata Police

Kolkata Police recently shared a photo of a Test match played between New Zealand and Bangladesh on their Twitter account. In which New Zealand’s fast bowler Kyle Jamison is seen and Bangladesh player Mominul Haque is seen standing in front of him.

Kolkata Police has portrayed Kiwi fast bowler Jamieson as the third wave of Corona while Mominul has been shown as careless people who are not using masks. Kolkata Police has taken a unique and interesting step to spread awareness among people about wearing masks. At the same time, this picture is now becoming fiercely viral on social media.

Let us tell you that, in the caption of this picture, Kolkata Police wrote that, in the war against Coronavirus, it is very important that people follow the rule of wearing masks. However, this is not the first time that the police have taken the help of pictures of cricket to make the public aware. Earlier, Rajasthan Police had used Bumrah’s picture to get traffic rules to be followed.

Bumrah’s picture went viral

jaspreet bumrah
Courtesy: Google Image

A few years ago, the Rajasthan Police had adopted a strange method to get people to follow the traffic rules. Rajasthan Police had put up a big poster on a road showing Bumrah bowling. That picture of Bumrah was from the final of the 2017 Champions Trophy, in which he is seen bowling a no ball, although let us tell you that, bumrah He took the wicket of Pakistani batsman Fakhar Zaman on this ball, but he was declared not out due to being a no ball.

In such a situation, taking advantage of this picture, Rajasthan Police wrote on the side of the poster that “Don’t cross the line, it can cost you a lot.” Every day the police of our country is seen adopting new methods to spread awareness about different issues among the people.

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