Political stalemate in Northern Ireland increased Johnson’s tension, now the British PM is on tour, will find a solution to the dispute

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will request leaders in Belfast to return to work and deal with livelihood issues such as rising inflation.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (Boris JohnsonNorthern Ireland on Monday as an exercise to end the political deadlock.Northern Ireland) are going. This impasse is creating hurdles in the way of formation of regional administration. European Union by Johnson’s government (European UnionThe visit comes amid threats to break the Brexit deal. The British Prime Minister said that if the European Union does not agree to change the rules of trade after Brexit, then action will need to be taken.

Voters in Northern Ireland have this month elected a new assembly, with the Irish nationalist party Sinn Féin winning the most seats. It is the first time a party seeking reunification with the Republic of Ireland has won an election in a Protestant unionist stronghold. The Democratic Unionist Party came in second and refused to form a government or form an assembly until the Johnson government repealed the post-Brexit tax on goods coming from the rest of Britain to Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland the only part of Britain to share a border with the European Union

According to the rules of power sharing as part of the Northern Ireland peace process, no government can be formed without the cooperation of the Nationalist and Unionist parties. Johnson’s office said on Sunday that he would urge leaders in Belfast to return to work and tackle livelihood issues such as rising inflation. Northern Ireland is the only part of Britain that shares a border with the European Union. But PM Johnson also accused the European Union of refusing to base a post-Brexit border investigation.

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Why are people angry in Northern Ireland

Britain left the European Union in 2020. This was followed by an agreement, under which it was agreed to keep the Irish land border free of customs checks and other checks. An open border was considered a key pillar of the peace process that ended decades of violence in Northern Ireland. At the same time, there is a provision to check some items like meat and eggs upon arrival in Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK. But this arrangement was opposed by the unionist parties. He says that due to this the pressure on businesses is increasing. It has also damaged relations between Northern Ireland and Britain.