Pooja apologized for not winning the gold, but what did the PM say that the discussion is going on till Pakistan

Pooja Gehlot won the bronze medal in the Commonwealth Games 2022. After this he apologized to the whole country, on which PM Narendra Modi encouraged him.

Pooja Gehlot won bronze medal in Commonwealth Games

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New Delhi. Pooja Gehlot put the bronze medal in India’s bag in the Commonwealth Games 2022. He won bronze in 50 kg freestyle wrestling. However, after this he apologized to the country. Pooja got emotional and said that I want to apologize to the countrymen. I wanted to play the national anthem here, but lost. Pooja is very disappointed after missing the gold. In such Prime Minister Narendra Modi encouraged them. After what the PM said while encouraging the worship, the Prime Minister of Pakistan has come under attack.

celebration for medals

PM Modi, while increasing the enthusiasm of worship, said that your medal does not ask for forgiveness, but for celebration. Your life’s journey inspires us. Your success makes us happy. You have more big things to do ahead. May you always shine like this. After this tweet of PM Modi, the PM of Pakistan came under target. Pakistan is also praising PM Modi and questioning its PM.

Does Pakistani PM know the wonders of his players?

Pakistani journalist targeted his PM by tweeting. A journalist tweeted that India projects its players in this way. Pooja Gehlot won the bronze and expressed grief over not winning the gold and PM Modi also reacted to it.

The Pakistani journalist further said that have ever seen such a message from Pakistani PM or President. Do they also know that Pakistani players are winning medals in Commonwealth Games 2022?

One user said that you love them or hate them, but this is the cutest thing any athlete would want to hear.

At the same time, a user said that it is called leader. The day when a single leader of the opposition party became even 10 percent of PM Modi, from that day I would think of voting for him.

One user said that how wonderful it is that the highest official of the country supported. Pooja deserves our love. One user praised PM Modi and said that this is strong personal support.

People say that such words help in increasing the enthusiasm of any athlete. Some users also say that no PM has respected and encouraged his people before him.

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Talking about Pooja’s performance in the Commonwealth Games, she defeated Scottish player Lemofac Lechidzio 12-2 i.e. technical superiority in the bronze medal match. Actually Pooja was seen to be a strong contender for Gold. Even in the semi-finals, he had started well, but the match slipped from his hand in 9 seconds.