Pre-primary schooling will change, ‘Balvatika’ will start in schools, know what is this new system

CBSE Board NCF-FS System: Schools affiliated to CBSE Board will have to adopt the ‘National Framework for Foundational Stage’ (NCF-FS) 2022. Let us know what this new system is after all.

CBSE board will change the system of pre-primary schooling (indicative picture)

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CBSE Board: Now the system of pre-primary schooling is going to change in all the schools affiliated to the CBSE board. Till now, after studying nursery and KG class, children used to get admission in the first class. However, now this whole system is about to change. In fact, CBSE Board has asked all the schools to adopt the ‘National Framework for Foundational Stage’ (NCF-FS) 2022. It has been prepared by the ‘National Council of Educational Research and Training’ (NCERT).

NCF-FS 2022 was released in October 2022. Under this new NCF-FS system, schools will have to adopt a three-year pre-primary schooling system. Overall, the NCF-FS system will be of five years, with emphasis on foundational learning.

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What is the new system?

Till now, first of all children had to take admission in nursery class. Then the number of KG used to come and then of the first class. This was called the pre-primary system. However, now there will be a change in this system. After nursery and KG, now there will be one more class at pre-primary level. That is, the pre-primary will now be of three years instead of two.

After this there will be first and second class, which will be part of the primary level. In the schools which already have pre-primary classes, arrangements for lower KG are also being made there. Three pre-primary classes will be started in government schools and Kendriya Vidyalayas. The reason for this is that in both these types of schools, education starts from the first class.

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Schools will have ‘Balvatika’

CBSE Board Director (Academic) Joseph Emmanuel said, “To meet the objectives stated in the NCF-FS 2022, schools have been advised to follow the new structure of five years of elementary education and three years of secondary education”. Include ‘Balvatika’ or say nursery classes.

He said, ‘There will be more emphasis on activities in school kindergarten classes, which will generate curiosity in children. Attention will also be paid to the health, hygiene, nutrition etc. of the students in the Balvatika class.