Prema Kiran Passes Away: Only 4 actors reached for the last glimpse of this senior actress who entertained the audience with her acting for 40 years.

senior marathi actress prema kiran

Senior actress Prema Kiran has played many memorable roles in Hindi and Marathi films. This actress, who entertained the audience for 4 decades, is no longer in this world.

Senior Marathi actress Prema Kiran (Prema Kiran) died of a heart attack on the morning of 1 May 2022. She was 61 years old. She did a great job as a heroine in many films in the 90s. along with marathi hindi movies ,Hindi FilmsHe also acted in He showed his acting prowess in many famous films like Dhoom Dhadka (1985), Madness (2001), Arjun Deva (2001), Kunku Jale Vaari (2005) and Lagnachi Varat London Chaya Gharat (2009). Prema Kiran always won the hearts of everyone with her acting skills. But the sad thing is that the Marathi film industry (Marathi Film IndustryDespite working with many veteran actors, only 4-5 actors were present for his last glimpse.

A senior actor of the industry, while writing a post on social media, has expressed displeasure about the matter. He wrote that “While working for 40 years in the Marathi film industry, only 4 actors were present for the last glimpse of Prema Kiran, who entertained people. Maybe humanity is still alive.” Senior actors Vijay Kadam, Vijay Patkar along with Mahesh Tilekar, Umesh Thakur and Deepak Kadam were among the actors who arrived to bid their last goodbye to Prema Kiran.

The situation was similar even at the time of Vinod Khanna’s death.

This is not the first time that after the death of a senior actor, a celebrity did not reach for his last glimpse. Earlier, after the death of his friend and legend actor Vinod Khanna, late actor Rishi Kapoor had expressed his displeasure about the new generation by tweeting. He wrote in his tweet that today’s new generation does not know how to respect elders. These new stars should be ashamed because none of these new actors came to pay tribute to Vinod Khanna.

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Rishi Kapoor’s words came true

During this, Legendary actor Rishi Kapoor even wrote angrily that “When I die, then I have to be prepared that no one will come forward to give me a shoulder.” Rishi Kapoor died 3 years after this incident and unfortunately what he said in the tweet proved to be true as only 25 people were allowed to attend his last method due to Corona. That’s why no one was able to take his last darshan even after wishing.