Preparations for 3rd World War started, US did Elephant Walk, then bomb bunkers started being built in Moscow

The White House of America has received information that Russia can launch a nuclear attack at any time. On the basis of this intelligence input, America has prepared its bombers for war.

Biden’s difficulties may increase.

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ukraine Now super power in the ongoing war America And the Russians are going to hit directly. After which it is certain to turn this conflict into a world war. The report of a direct confrontation between superpowers has been quoted by a senior American military officer, according to which Russia is going to run tactical nuclear weapons at any time and this is not just an assessment, but clear indications are also being received. The net that Russia is spreading from the ground to the sky is a sign of colliding with America itself. After realizing this move of Russia, America also started its nuclear preparations. power show has been launched.

white house has received an intelligence input that America has made its bomber war ready, A senior US military officer has received information that the possibility of a nuclear explosion can become a frightening reality at any time. According to the intelligence report, there is a possibility that Russia may test Tactical Nuclear Weapon. this test black sea Can be done in

America prepared atomic bomber

Testing of Tactical Nuclear Weapon means preparation to convert defeat into victory in war. After this intelligence that came out from the files of Kremlin, America has also prepared its nuclear bomber for the war. America’s at Wightman Air Force Base in Missouri B-2 Spirit Stealth bombers have taken off. The position in which these bombers flew is called Elephant Walk. Elephant Walk The simple meaning of this is to warn the enemy and show your strength. America flew stealth bomber to warn Russia. Intelligence emanating from the Kremlin and the flight of the B2 bomber are the biggest indications of the possibility of a world outbreak. When the bombers of Whiteman Airforce Base America took off, Russia issued a warning by flying its Su-30SM and Su-35S fighter jets.

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Bomb shelters are being built in Russia

Putin has made big preparations on three fronts. Along with landing fighter jets and bombers, super destructive missiles have also been deployed in the ocean. While continuously bombarding Ukraine is about to reach the battlefield. Tu-22M3 Bomber. These super destructive bombers are more deadly than before, more updated than before. Russian defense firm Tu-22M3 The bomber has been delivered to the army. These bombers are long range multi model missile carriers. Russia was supposed to get its updated version after a few years, but this bomber has been updated ahead of schedule. Ukraine has received the input that whole of Ukraine can be bombed through this bomber. Daily Star (Daily News) According to the report, even in Moscow, people are making bomb shelters. Even in the city of Novokuznetsk, 2 thousand kilometers away from the Ukraine border, people are afraid of Ukraine’s attack and have started building bunkers. The war that Russia started 9 months ago has now become its crisis. That is why there is a possibility that Russia can start a nuclear war anytime.