Pressing the Cancel button twice on the ATM before the transaction does not result in theft of PIN, claims RBI?

A news is becoming increasingly viral on social media. It states that by pressing the ‘cancel’ button twice at the ATM before the transaction, PIN theft can be prevented. The post states that this claim has been made by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). This claim has been found to be false in PIB Fact Check. No such message has been issued by RBI.

PIB Fact Check is a unit of PIB, which refutes false information and brings out correct information. When it investigated this news, it came to know that this statement is fake and it has not been issued by RBI.

A very useful tip while withdrawing money from ATM- Press the ‘cancel’ button twice before inserting the card into the ATM machine, the viral news claimed. If someone has set the keypad to steal your PIN code, it will cancel that setup.

PIB Fact Check said, this statement is fake. RBI has not issued any such message.

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