Prime Minister Modi Releases 6G Vision Document Says Technology is Empowering People

6G in India: After the launch of 5G network in the country last year, the move towards 6G has been made. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday released the India 6G Vision Document. Along with this, he inaugurated the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Area Office and Innovation Center. The Prime Minister also launched the 6G Test Bed and the ‘Call Before You Dig’ (CBuD) app.

the prime minister Said, “One of India’s priorities as the chair of the G-20 is to reduce the regional divide. When we talk about the technological divide, it is natural to expect from India.” Along with this, he said that telecom technology is empowering the citizens of the country. In recent years, the number of Internet users in rural areas has increased rapidly. This shows the power of Digital India.

The India 6G vision document has been prepared by the Technology Innovation Group on 6G (TIG-6G). The group comprises people from various ministries and departments, research and development institutions, telecom service providers and industry. Its objective is to prepare a roadmap and action plan for 6G in the country. The 6G testbed will provide a platform to academic institutions, industries, startups, MSMEs and others to test and validate ICT technologies. The Bharat 6G Vision Document and 6G Testbed will facilitate innovation, capacity building and faster technology deployment in the country. The CBuD app is a tool designed to protect things like optical fiber cables from damage. Fiber cables are often damaged due to digging of roads. Due to this, a loss of crores of rupees has to be incurred every year.

Reliance Jio, one of the country’s largest telecom companies, can achieve another major milestone this year. It is expected to become the world’s largest standalone 5G network company. Reliance Jio is rapidly expanding its high-speed network. recently company Jio President Mathew Oommen said that India needs inclusive growth and Jio will continue to contribute to it. “In the second half of this year, Jio will become the largest standalone 5G network operator in the world,” he added. Jio’s focus is on launching 5G standalone network.


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