Prime Minister Narendra Modi will go to the US for QUAD, know what is this formula of 4 countries that surrounds China in the sea

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to meet US President Joe Biden in Washington next week. After the bilateral meeting of Biden and PM Modi at the White House on September 24, there will be a meeting of the leaders of the Quad (QUAD) countries in the White House.

If people who know about this conference are to be believed, this time in the Quad conference there will be talks on Afghanistan, the Indo-Pacific region, the Kovid-19 epidemic and climate change. Quad is the organization whose purpose is to surround China. Last year, when the world was facing the corona virus epidemic, the first meeting of the foreign ministers of the quad countries was held. At the same time, along with India and America, Australia and Japan were also troubled by China.

When did it start, which countries

Amidst the growing security challenges and economic infrastructure in the Indo-Pacific region, this organization is now strengthening its steps. Countries like India, Australia, Japan and America are included in this organization. These are the countries which are directly affected by the Indo-Pacific region and all these countries are suffering from China. The first meeting of the Quad countries was held in New York in the year 2019. After this, the first meeting was held on 25 September 2020 which was organized through video conferencing.

Quad was started in the year 2007-2008 but then there was no progress. After this, this organization was revived in the year 2017. The objective of the Quad is to establish dominance in the Indo-Pacific region so that trade through the sea can be made easier. But now it is focusing more on strengthening the military base along with trade so that the balance of power can be maintained.

China would have been aggressive since 2007

In the year 2007, China started increasing its dominance in the Asia-Pacific Ocean. He started threatening the neighboring countries and was continuously increasing the military base in the sea. In view of this, the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe at that time proposed such an organization. In this proposal, powerful countries coming in this maritime region can be included. Eventually the organization was formed, whose first meeting was held in the year 2019.

Under the Quad, efforts are being made to connect the vast network spread across the Pacific Ocean, America and Australia with Japan and India. Abe himself, the former PM of Japan, had called it the union of two seas, but China is furious with it. He fears that coming near these powerful countries may threaten his existence at sea.

Rapidly building military base

China has been steadily increasing its trade from its military base in the sea for the last nearly two decades. China has understood that in the coming time only the country that rules the sea will rule the world. This is the reason that he has launched a campaign to capture the South China Sea as well. Simultaneously, he is making a fake island in the sea and stationing his soldiers there. That is, it is a complete preparation that the sea should be captured in the future.

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