Priority to protect consumers, Digital Data Protection Bill soon: IT Minister

The government withdrew the Personal Data Protection Bill in early August. This bill was first introduced in late 2019. Now new drafts can be introduced soon

Prioritizing consumer safety

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The government sought feedback from the people on the Telecommunication Bill yesterday, after which today Communications Minister Ashwini Vaishnav said that the new bill will replace many old bills. Thereafter, in order to protect the interests of the consumers digital data protection Act will also be brought. The Union Minister said that the government will present a new draft of the Data Protection Bill in the next few days. Vaishnav said at the third edition of the Global Fintech Fest that the suggestions received from various stakeholders have been considered while preparing the bill. He said it is a matter of few days when the bill will be uploaded for consultation.

Prioritizing consumer safety

The Union Minister said that the primary source for cyber fraud is telephone or mobile. How to avoid this, the government is moving in this direction. He said that people are getting cyber fraud by using technology. The Prime Minister has said that the consumer should get security and this is the first priority of the government. According to the Union Minister, if anyone is getting a call from anywhere, then he will know whose call is coming. For this it is necessary to have KYC. When the call is coming from different platforms, then it should be known whether it is under regulation or not. There have been places in our country which have become centers of fraud, with the new rules it will be easy to break this chain.

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Bill was withdrawn in August

The government withdrew the Personal Data Protection Bill in early August. This bill was first introduced in late 2019. Vaishnav said that the Joint Parliamentary Committee under the original draft suggested 88 amendments to this bill of 91 sections. In such a situation, the government decided that there is no option but to completely withdraw the original bill. He said that the situation changed a lot during the pandemic, which gave new lessons and that should be included in the law. The minister, however, made it clear that even in the absence of a law on data protection, one should not worry about privacy violations as the Supreme Court has declared it a fundamental right. He asked the industry to actively work with the government to formulate laws and regulations on topics such as online gaming, fake news, crypto, payments, loan fraud, so that these issues can be addressed in a timely manner.