Protesters are resorting to dating apps for Protest in China, government becomes strict

For the last few weeks, tremendous protests against the Corona Lockdown have been going on in China, which has spread abroad as well. It is being said that in view of these demonstrations, the Chinese government is preparing to relax the strict Zero Covid Policy. However, a report has also surfaced where it has been claimed that the government is cracking down on dating apps in the country as they are being used in protests.

of India Today accordingIn the ongoing protests in China, dating apps and Telegram apps have emerged as the biggest weapons for the people. If you do not know, then tell that most of the platforms in China are under the eyes of the government. Social media apps, such as Facebook, Twitter etc. are banned in the country and instead only select domestic platforms run there. In addition, China’s own search engine is run there instead of big search engines like Google or Bing.

This is the reason why protesters started using platforms used outside the country such as dating apps and Telegram. Reports suggest that Chinese protesters started uploading photos and videos of anti-government protests to their DPs on dating apps.

The report further states that Chinese protesters have started saving videos and photographs related to these demonstrations on foreign social media platforms as well. Protesters have been sending messages on social media in code words, including a hashtag named Hangzhou, which is actually a city in China. Most demonstrations are being held in this city.

In addition, police are also probing whether protesters are posting videos on Twitter using VPNs to evade online censorship.

Let us inform that on November 24, ten people were killed after a fire broke out in a residential building in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang Uyghur. People say that due to the lockdown, people faced problems in getting out of this building, due to which more people died.<!–