Protests against Corona vaccine are not stopping, protesters standing on US-Canada bridge were arrested

Protests started in Canada regarding the necessity and restrictions of the corona virus vaccine. Which are now moving towards other countries. Police have arrested protesters standing on the US-Canada bridge.

Police arrested protesters

Image Credit source: AFP

Canada Police early Sunday at a major US-Canada border bridge (US Canada Border BridgeOpposing orders and various restrictions related to Kovid-19 vaccination with (Protest Against Vaccine Mandate) proceeded to remove the rest of the protesters. Images on TV show police arresting some protesters who were standing on the Ambassador Bridge connecting Detroit and Windsor (Ontario). Ambassador Bridge Canada (Canada) is the busiest border post going to America.

Less than a dozen protesters in only two trucks blocked the road leading to the bridge before the police arrived. Canadian police on Saturday persuaded demonstrators to remove their pickup trucks and other vehicles they had blocked the entrance to a border post that is crucial to 25 per cent of trade between the two countries. On the other hand, in the capital Ottawa, the number of protesters opposing the order and various restrictions related to Kovid-19 vaccination increased to four thousand.

Opposition to vaccination is happening in many countries

Compulsory vaccination is being opposed not only in Canada but in many countries including the US, France and New Zealand. Earlier it was reported that the police of the French capital Paris stopped 500 vehicles of the demonstrators from entering the city. The protesters wanted to join the protest against the sanctions, which is influenced by Canada’s ‘Freedom Convoy’. They were stopped before reaching the main areas and tickets were given to around 200 motorcyclists.

Knife-hammer recovered from protesters

At least two protesters have been arrested amid the seizure of knives, hammers and other paraphernalia. In view of the demonstration, about 7000 officers were deployed in view of the security. These demonstrations are taking place in France against the requirement of vaccination passes to go to other places including restaurants. Some convoys of vehicles tried to reach the city on local roads instead of highways leading to the capital to avoid the police.

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