PUBG Mobile players will get special Bugatti collection, company announced on 5th anniversary

PUBG has officially announced that it will bring a new collection in partnership with luxury car brand Bugatti to mark its 5th anniversary in the PUBG Mobile app. Earlier, there were a lot of rumors regarding the special collaboration of PUBG with the luxury car brand. Let us know about it in detail.

The mobile version of the popular battle royale game is partnering with the luxury automobile company to include a new Bugatti collection. At present, the company has released a teaser regarding its upcoming partnership. PUBG Mobile Will roll out with the 2.5 update. So there is not much information about the update yet. so far PUBG Considering the mobile partnership, it can be expected that players can get to see some of the best collection of supercars.

Tencent According to the official announcement, the partnership with Bugatti will begin soon and players will get a chance to try their hands on a unique collection starting March 17. This collection update will coincide with the global release of version 2.5. So for now the studio has shared only one photo to tease this partnership. Apart from this, a new game mode named Wonder of Wonder will also come in the mobile game.

In this new game mode, players will get to see many new maps to provide a new gameplay experience. The 5th anniversary will also come with a special anniversary theme gameplay dubbed Imagery which will be available on March 18, 2023. A backpack will be found in this mode that comes with a unique item supply converter that allows players to convert two of them together into a new supply.