PUBG: New State will be ‘closed’ today, new weapons, vehicles and adventures will be available after the update

The recently launched battle royale game PUBG: New State is going to go for maintenance after today. The game’s publisher, Krafton Crafton, has released an update for the game, due to which the game is being sent into maintenance. The December update of PUBG: New State brings players new weapons, vehicles and Survivor Pass Volume 2. All updates will be available to players after the close of the maintenance window. After the update, players can expect to get new weapons, two new vehicles, weapon customization and more from Crafton.

Crafton reported downtime on the game’s website. Announcement having said that PUBG: New State Will go into maintenance today. However, Crafton has not given any timing of maintenance. Once the updated game is installed on the servers, players will need to update their copies of the game on iOS and Android to access it.

Crafton is rolling out Survivor Pass Volume 2 to players in its December update. This will allow gamers to unlock level upgrades for the Premium Pass. Also, reaching level 48 will give 1500NC (in-game currency). According to Crafton, Survivor Pass Volume 2 will be available after the December update is complete.

After the update is complete, players will also get the L85A3 assault rifle. It is a variant of the Bullpup Assault Rifle and uses 5.56 mm of ammunition. The L85A3 rifle can be found at Erangel and Troi. According to Crafton, this rifle performs well in mid to long range fights.

Crafton says that PUBG New State players will also get access to two new vehicles – the Electron and the Mesta. Electron is a 6 seater minibus. It can be found at Troi or Training Ground. The second vehicle- Mesta is a two-seater sports car. It comes in standard and open models. Quickly picks up speed. Mesta can be found in Erangel, parts of Troi and the training ground.

In this update, the lobby music and theme of the Crafton game is also going to change. Players will now get winter decorations. After the update, gamers will also be able to customize the weapon. By doing this, players will be able to aim better with their weapons. Can do more damage and increase range.

Crafton has also brought several bug fixes in the update. In addition, there will be a lot of improvements including team deathmatch mode, character control and action, maps.