Punyashlok Ahilyabai Spoiler: After husband Khanderao, now Ahilyabai will get the support of her mother-in-law Gautamabai, know the full story

Playing historical characters is a task of great responsibility because with these characters such a history of the country is associated, on which every person living in the country is proud.

Ahilyabai will get the support of her mother-in-law Gautamabai

Sony TV ,Sony TVhistorical show of Punyashloka Ahilyabai ,Punyashlok Ahilyabai), is based on the glorious life of Rani Ahilyabai Holkar, who, with the help of her father-in-law Malharrao Holkar, defied the pre-determined norms of society and contributed positively to the welfare of people, especially women. The show depicts how Ahilyabai was an extraordinary girl at an early age who dared to dream and question the unfair rules of society. In the coming episodes we will see that now her mother-in-law after her husband Khanderao. gautamabai ,Snehlata Vasaikar) also come forward to support him, where Ahilyabai fulfills her dreams.

In the story ahead, viewers will see how Ahilya Maheshwar takes a step forward in the direction of women empowerment with sarees, which is beneficial not only for the economy of the state but also for its people. After realizing his vision, everyone comes forward to support Ahilya. Because due to this step of his, not only will the state develop, but the income of the people of his state will also improve.

The character of Gautamabai is being praised

Well-known actress Snehlata Vasaikar, who is playing the role of Gautama Bai i.e. Ahilya’s mother-in-law in this show, is known for her stellar performance on screen. Many people also believe that no one would have played the character of Gautamabai better than her. After doing so many historical shows, this actress believes that it is a sense of responsibility to play a historical character and hence she tries her best to do justice to her role.

Know what Snehlata has to say

Speaking about this, actress Snehlata Vasaikar said, “While playing a historical character, we have to ensure that we live up to the legacy of that character. It is not just about grandeur, but one has to play the character with full credibility so that the audience gets to learn something and make an impact on them. Historical characters have many layers and it is the responsibility of us actors that we leave no stone unturned to play this character well and give our best to the audience.”

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