Quit boring speech, fill in your speech on August 15 with these 7 things

If you are also going to be a part of the Independence Day program this year, then prepare a great speech.

Prepare 15th August speech like this

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This year India is celebrating Independence Day as the nectar festival of freedom. It has been 75 years since India got independence from British rule. The tricolor campaign is being run by the central government, in which every Indian has to hoist the tricolor in their respective homes. Independence day On this occasion, programs are organized in all the educational institutions, offices etc. of the country. Giving speeches is an important part of this program. If you are also going to be a part of such program, then prepare for a great speech.

Many questions come to mind about how to prepare a great speech in the program of Independence Day. Here we will tell you how to write a good speech. By following the tips given below, you can prepare such a speech, which will fill people’s enthusiasm.

How to start a speech

The occasion of Independence Day is most special for the countrymen. In such a situation, the speech should also be started in such a way that people are filled with enthusiasm. For this, first of all say a poetry of two lines. This will get people’s attention on your speech. At the beginning of the speech, first of all greet the guests present in the meeting by saying Namaskar, Pranam or Jai Hind. After this, you can use the poems written below-

1. Whose crown is the Himalayas, where every stream flowing is the Ganges, bow to Mother India, whose pride is the tricolor.

2. Do not ask the time, what is our story.. Our identity is only that, we are a Hindustani.

3. The pride of the country, we are the children of the country, the tricolor painted with three colors, this is our identity.

Remember the freedom fighters

During your speech, remember the freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for freedom. For this you can say like this…

Friends, today on this auspicious occasion of independence, we should learn truth and non-violence from Gandhiji, national unity from Sardar Patel and love for the countrymen from Pandit Nehru. Learn sacrifice from Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. One should learn courage from Rani Laxmibai and duty towards society from Lokmanya Tilak. Let us bow our heads to these great fighters.

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end speech like this

Thank everyone at the end of your speech. You can end your speech with a passionate poem. For this you can use some of the poems given below.

4. Don’t live in the name of religion, don’t die in the name of religion, humanity is the religion of the country, just live in the name of the country.

5. We will never allow the evening of freedom, we will not allow the sacrifice of martyrs to be discredited, even a drop of blood left, will not allow Mother India to be sold.

6. Hanged and shot on the chest, we salute the martyrs who lost their country, we salute them.

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7. That which is not filled with emotion, which is not flowing, which is not juicy, that heart is not a stone, in which there is no love of the country.