R Ashwin did not like Ravi Shastri’s advice regarding Test cricket, gave this answer

Many efforts are being made to save Test cricket and in such a situation, some veteran keeps giving his suggestions regarding it.

Ravichandran Ashwin is counted among the best spinners of this time. (File Pic)

Ravi Shastri, the former head coach of the Indian cricket team, recently gave some of his suggestions regarding Test cricket. Shastri had talked about limiting Test cricket to only six top teams. It is said about Test cricket that its future is in danger and therefore efforts should be made to save it and in such a situation Shastri’s suggestion seemed quite strange. Indian team off spinner Ravichandran Ashwin So don’t agree with that at all. Ashwin has categorically rejected Shastri’s suggestion.

Shastri had said about Test cricket, “I think there is a need for two tiers for Test cricket, otherwise it will end in the next 10 years. You should have six teams in the top and the remaining six in the second tier to qualify for the first one.”

Ashwin said this thing

On this statement of Shastri, Ashwin said on his YouTube channel, “Recently Ravi bhai had said that Test cricket should be made in such a format in which three-four teams play, but when three-four teams play then a team like Ireland will have to play. What will happen, he won’t get a chance.”

T20 benefits from Tests

Ashwin is currently part of India’s T20 team which is currently playing a five-match T20I series against West Indies. Ashwin has said that there is a special relationship between Test cricket and T20. He said that countries which have a better first-class structure produce top T20 cricketers. He said, “You can ask me what is the relation between Test cricket and T20 cricket. When you play Test cricket only then your first class structure will be better and when your first class structure is better then people will get more chances. The players who will do better in first class cricket will adapt their game according to T20 cricket. That’s how cricket thrives.”

The example given of India, Australia and England

Ashwin has IndiaGiving the example of Australia and England, he said, “You can see that the top countries in Test cricket are… India, Australia and England. The first class structure of these countries is very strong. How will you strengthen your first class structure? For that you need Test cricket in your country.”